Our experienced mowing specialists help you stay

on top of your property maintenance

helps builders and developers service and maintain large acreage lands and lots.

Dallas Large Acreage Field Tractor Mowing & Maintenance Services for DFW and surrounding cities.

Plant Care Co. maintains your property with tractor mowing and land clearing services. We make your acreage look it’s absolute best and help you increase your properties value and appeal. To request a consultation and customized proposal to best meet all your lawn and landscape needs!

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Maximize Your Property Value

A clean, well-maintained property is a valuable property. Unseemly, overgrown land is an eye-sore, and a potentially costly municipal citation waiting in your mail box! At Plant Care Co., we understand how important it is to keep your property beautiful to maintain and even increase its value.


Avoid Fines for Property Neglect

Overgrown, un-cared for large lots and acreages are notorious magnets for illegal dumping and litter.

Overgrown grass, excessive trash and downed trees can result in heavy fines from your local government.

Plant Care Co. can contact the necessary authorities and negotiate the fastest, least expensive resolution to your ordinance violations. Just provide the citation and we will do the rest!

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